If you thought that man bun looks trendy only on runway models or movie stars like Leonardo Di Caprio or Jared  Leto, then think again.

With the man bun craze on the rise, DesignCrowd, an Australian-based “virtual design studio” wondered what political leaders might look like if they adopted the bro knot.

So they ran a contest, asking their 450,000 designers to submit makeover ideas.

The resultant photoshopped illustrations of world leaders are quite striking as they can be seen sporting the man bun style.

Here are some of the world leaders in their bun-ed avatar:


Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Nazi Germany.
Pope Francis, current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
George Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton.
Richard Nixon, 37th President of United States.
Barack Obama, President of United States.
Donald Trump, American businessman, politician and television personality.
Tony Abbot,  ex Prime Minister of Australia.
George Bush, 43rd resident of United States.
Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia.
Abraham Lincoln, Vladimir Putin
John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.
Tony Abbot, ex Prime Minister of Australia.
David Cameron, Prime Minister of United Kingdom.
George Bush, 43rd resident of United States.
George Bush, 43rd resident of United States.
Joe Biden, Vice President of United States.
Narendra Modi, Xi Jinping
Barack Obama, President of United States.
Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of North Korea.
Bill Clinton, 42nd President of United States.
Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.
Barack Obama, President of United States.

Written by: Shubho Deep Bhowmick

Delhi, being the most developed cities in India , famous for its art and culture.

Historical monuments, forts, tourist places makes Delhi a vibrant city. Beyond all of this ,this place has a ancient history.

Strangely though is the fact that the city which is regarded as the very epitome of life and vibrancy should be home to certain alleged places which are strangely desolate, and are supposedly haunted,

So the next time when you are in Delhi and decide to go around its famous tourist spots, make it a point to pay a visit to these infamous haunted places in Delhi as well.
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Dinner is served. The scrumptious spread smells divine and is definitely a treat for the eyes. As all your guests are complimenting you on your fine culinary skills, you are lost in your own train of thought. You wish of having a perfect kitchen where cooking this succulent dinner would have been relatively easier.

Cooking is an Art, and like every art form it requires imagination along with precision. Luckily for us a lot of people researched on, and invented kitchen tools to make this hobby a little less tiring.

Today our team at ‘The Talk Studio’ has compiled a list of the best kitchen tools for you to purchase this year. Feel free to have a look.

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Ever wanted to escape the cubicle. Wanted the outdoors to be your office. Then these career choices are for you.

Adventure Sports Instructor: Adventure sports is gaining popularity in India and various career options are available. One can choose to be a mountaineer, surfer, sky diver, paraglider, scuba diver and so on .The only prerequisite to pursue such careers is perpetual passion and mental and physical fitness. Career option in adventure sports can be as a adventure sports instructor, adventure sports athlete, outbound training facilitator and trainer, adventure sports photographer, adventure counselor, trekking and mountain guide, adventure tour guide and so on.


So take the leap. The terrains of Himalayas, the golden beaches of Goa, the snows of Gulmarg all awaits you.

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Remember that ecstatic feeling you get when you reminisce about all the Pillow Fights you’ve ever had? Doesn’t that just put a smile on your face! Well, these days Pillow Fights are associated more with the symbol of bonding than anything else. Best Friends express their love through pillow fights, so do siblings or lovers etc.

To make this expression of love, public and universal- April 02, 2016 was celebrated as the International Pillow Fight Day. Yes, you did read that correctly. We are talking pillows, fights, random strangers and a massive playground to enjoy it all at.

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hedooooooooooooooooooooWe all know that eating healthily, drinking less alcohol and cutting back on sugar help our bodies to function more effectively.

But during the festive period, when the party is at fever pitch, how are you expected to maintain your healthy lifestyle without missing out on the celebrations?

Unless you’re going to become the sort of person who brings their own meals and green juice to a boozy brunch, and we urge you not to be that person. There has to be a way to combine your joint loves of partying and your healthy lifestyle. There is a name for this blurring health and hedonism.

Healthonism– The combination of drinking and exercise.It takes inspiration from sportsmen who celebrate with a glass of champagne after a victory.
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“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” said the legendary Bob Marley.

Since the dawn of human civilization, music has been an integral part of human life. From lullabies to learning alphabets, from birthday songs to movies, from dancing to romancing, from weddings to funeral, music is here, there and throughout.

Various musical instruments were developed to entertain and bond people together and to express feelings, anger, love, passion, joy and all other kinds of emotions. But one instrument stood out and became the ultimate symbol of music – the guitar. And today no other musical instrument in the world is as popular as the guitar. Without the guitar most genres of music would be incomplete, be it blues, country, flamenco, pop or rock and roll.

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Started in China, in A4 waist challenge women compare the size of their waists to the width of a standard A4 sheet of paper (21 cm).

This challenge has been going on since February and instead of celebrating every body type, the hashtag #a4waist is trending in and sending a message that only skinny is in.

But as China’s online obsession of obtaining ‘perfect abs’ intensified with new fad, the controversial new trend sparked a debate over whether it sets superficial fitness goals for women to achieve. Such trends promote body shaming, eating disorders and sends a negative message about body image.

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