‘The Talk Studio’ presents to you, its second luxury skin hack to rejuvenate and revitalize, this beautiful festive season.

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Once you’re done throwing colour and water bombs at each other on Holi, the time will come to start re-nourishing your skin.

This Holi, ‘The Talk Studio’ presents ways on how to pamper and rejuvenate your skin with the top luxury treatments available in the market. These treatments are definitely not ordinary or inexpensive but they are sure to make you feel sexier and more confident once you’re done.

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It’s that time of the year when loud cries of “Holi Hai” are in the air and Bhang is flowing  as high as cloud nine. People are wearing  the colours of life on their sleeves and getting carefree – After all, Holi is the festival of colours.


The tradition of consuming Bhang on Holi is particularly prevalent in North India, where Holi itself is celebrated in a sterling manner. Bhang is a preparation of cannabis, traditionally used in food and drink. Using a mortar and pestle, the buds and leaves of the cannabis are ground into a paste.

Milk, ghee and spices are then added to this mixture. The Bhang base is now converted into a heavy drink commonly known as Thandai. Bhang may also be mixed with ghee and sugar to make a purple halva or  into peppery, chewy little balls called ‘Golee’.

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Once the Holi festival is over and we all have ended up resembling a bunch of happy, colourful aliens; the time comes where we desperately try every remedy in the house to bring our appearance back to normal. Here are some fix up remedies compiled by ‘The Talk Studio’ to try post your Holi celebrations.

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Holi is just around the corner and all of us are already preparing to immerse ourselves in the most widely celebrated festival of the year. Colour and Splash! – The best thing about March.

So this year let us let go and play Holi and also learn to protect our hair and skin.

 Our team at ‘The Talk Studio’ has compiled a list of affordable hacks that you can try at home Pre-Holi Celebrations.

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For years, hill stations in India such as Manali, Shimla, Nainital, Mussoorie captured the fancy of holiday goers and vacationers, seeking nice long duration ‘summer holidays’. However for the younger generation with a higher consciousness for better lifestyle and a will to try out newer things, the conventional holiday destinations are fast becoming passe. The new generation traveler in India is looking for newer, lesser known destinations. Places that are less cluttered, no honking and pollution, no loud music on roads, beyond cheap shopping; places that are in midst of nature and peace, with some adrenaline or wellness recreation thrown in.

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Most of us are feeling that scorching summer heat and it reminds us of only one thing – Our annual summer vacations. It’s that time of the year where everybody is busy planning their next getaway. So just sit back, relax and decide which exotic location you’d like to explore this year. Meanwhile, we at ‘The Talk Studio’ have prepared a travel essentials list to assist you with your packing. This is a compilation of product recommendations (tried and tested by our team at The Talk Studio). Along with the list we have also given pictorial descriptions  (for reference purpose only) and links to where you can purchase these products from.  

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Do you find yourself wishing that your mundane daily tasks could just somehow get easier or somehow be more fun ?  Through this article we would like to share some tips with you that will help save your time and energy and make monotonous things, fun!

Figuring out Dehydration : Feeling unwell but don’t know if it’s dehydration? There’s a simple hack to figure this one out. All you need to do is buy a bottle of Gatorade. If the drink tastes sweet, you’re dehydrated whereas if the drink tastes sour, you’re hydrated.
Space Management : Love to shop but are seriously short of space in your closet? You can always hang your belts, scarves or sunglasses on a hanger and hang them up. Utilize all that extra space to fit in your new clothes
Toothbrush Hygiene : Do you get grossed out when you find your toothbrush touching other toothbrushes? Well this couldn’t get better because all you need is a bunch of elastic rubber bands. Just wrap the bands around your toothbrush holder to create a grid on top. Now sit back and enjoy your clean, hygienic brush.
Wire Protector : How many times have you invested in a new phone charger just because the wire couldn’t make it for more than two months. While there still is no guarantee that the wire will last forever, you can however increase its durability by using an old spring from any pen and wrapping it around your wire. This will prevent it from bending or breaking.
Floss Cutter : How many times have we stopped to admire those perfectly cut and even cake slices at our corner cafes? Seems like the chef was blessed with attention and skills that most of us don’t seem to possess. What if someone told you that all you need is a clean new pack of dental floss to achieve the same results? Just cut a long string of floss and use that instead of a knife to slice your cake.
Colour Coded Keys : Have a bunch of keys but spend too much time figuring out which one’s which? Simple, just paint the top of your keys. After you are done colour coding, you can even write the purpose of the keys on with a permanent marker. Finish this up with a coat of enamel and voila –no more stressing.
Storm Prediction : In this age of global warming the weather is always unpredictable. So how can one predict a storm? This might help. If the stars are twinkling faster than normal, a storm might be picking up. Dash indoors.
Migraine Cure : Migraine can be a buzz kill. People take numerous medications to relieve their headaches. However there is a simple homemade remedy that might help. Squeeze a lemon (remove the seeds) in a tall glass of water. Add to these 2 measured teaspoons of salt. Stir well and drink up. It should cure your migraine in no time.
Travel Hack : Planning your annual vacation but have a ton of clothes and no space for it all in your suitcase? Most common worry for every traveler who likes to keep their clothes close. Instead of folding them, just roll them up. This will ensure more space in your suitcase and also a change of clothes every time you desire.
Baking Two Pies : You are in a hurry and want to cook two round pies at once but the oven is too small? Don’t fret. Cut each pie in half and place the halves on each side of the tray. Now you can relax and get ready while both your pies are baking.

Here’s hoping you all will try these hacks. Do share your experiences with us. Hope these tips benefit you. Keep watching this space for more hacks to simplify your life.


By: Mallika Madan