Luxury Beauty Hacks – Facial Bombs


Once you’re done throwing colour and water bombs at each other on Holi, the time will come to start re-nourishing your skin.

This Holi, ‘The Talk Studio’ presents ways on how to pamper and rejuvenate your skin with the top luxury treatments available in the market. These treatments are definitely not ordinary or inexpensive but they are sure to make you feel sexier and more confident once you’re done.

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Shiva’s Rangeen Potion – Holi’s Syndrome

It’s that time of the year when loud cries of “Holi Hai” are in the air and Bhang is flowing  as high as cloud nine. People are wearing  the colours of life on their sleeves and getting carefree – After all, Holi is the festival of colours.


The tradition of consuming Bhang on Holi is particularly prevalent in North India, where Holi itself is celebrated in a sterling manner. Bhang is a preparation of cannabis, traditionally used in food and drink. Using a mortar and pestle, the buds and leaves of the cannabis…

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Post-Holi Affordable Hacks


Once the Holi festival is over and we all have ended up resembling a bunch of happy, colourful aliens; the time comes where we desperately try every remedy in the house to bring our appearance back to normal. Here are some fix up remedies compiled by ‘The Talk Studio’ to try post your Holi celebrations.

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Pre-Holi Affordable Hacks


Holi is just around the corner and all of us are already preparing to immerse ourselves in the most widely celebrated festival of the year. Colour and Splash! – The best thing about March.

So this year let us let go and play Holi and also learn to protect our hair and skin.

 Our team at ‘The Talk Studio’ has compiled a list of affordable hacks that you can try at home Pre-Holi Celebrations.

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Alter Ego of Famous Hill Stations in North India

For years, hill stations in India such as Manali, Shimla, Nainital, Mussoorie captured the fancy of holiday goers and vacationers, seeking nice long duration ‘summer holidays’. However for the younger generation with a higher consciousness for better lifestyle and a will to try out newer things, the conventional holiday destinations are fast becoming passe. The new generation traveler in India is looking for newer, lesser known destinations. Places that are less cluttered, no honking and pollution, no loud music on roads, beyond cheap shopping; places that are in midst of nature and peace, with some adrenaline or wellness recreation…

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Travel Essentials – The Ultimate Guide


Most of us are feeling that scorching summer heat and it reminds us of only one thing – Our annual summer vacations. It’s that time of the year where everybody is busy planning their next getaway. So just sit back, relax and decide which exotic location you’d like to explore this year. Meanwhile, we at ‘The Talk Studio’ have prepared a travel essentials list to assist you with your packing. This is a compilation of product recommendations (tried and tested by our team at The Talk…

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Simplify your Life

Do you find yourself wishing that your mundane daily tasks could just somehow get easier or somehow be more fun ?  Through this article we would like to share some tips with you that will help save your time and energy and make monotonous things, fun!

Here’s hoping you all will try these hacks. Do share your experiences with us. Hope these tips benefit you. Keep watching this space for more hacks to simplify your life.


By: Mallika Madan

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