Scissor Techie – A Guide To The Best Kitchen Tools !


Dinner is served. The scrumptious spread smells divine and is definitely a treat for the eyes. As all your guests are complimenting you on your fine culinary skills, you are lost in your own train of thought. You wish of having a perfect kitchen where cooking this succulent dinner would have been relatively easier.

Cooking is an Art, and like every art form it requires imagination along with precision. Luckily for us a lot of people researched on, and invented kitchen tools to make this…

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Amazing Careers for Outdoor Lovers

Ever wanted to escape the cubicle. Wanted the outdoors to be your office. Then these career choices are for you.

Adventure Sports Instructor: Adventure sports is gaining popularity in India and various career options are available. One can choose to be a mountaineer, surfer, sky diver, paraglider, scuba diver and so on .The only prerequisite to pursue such careers is perpetual passion and mental and physical fitness. Career option in adventure sports can be as a adventure sports instructor, adventure sports athlete, outbound training facilitator and trainer, adventure sports photographer, adventure counselor, trekking and mountain guide, adventure tour…

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A4 Waist Challenge: Setting Unrealistic Fitness Standards

Started in China, in A4 waist challenge women compare the size of their waists to the width of a standard A4 sheet of paper (21 cm).

This challenge has been going on since February and instead of celebrating every body type, the hashtag #a4waist is trending in and sending a message that only skinny is in.

But as China’s online obsession of obtaining ‘perfect abs’ intensified with new fad, the controversial new trend sparked a debate over whether it sets superficial fitness goals for women to achieve. Such trends promote body shaming, eating disorders and sends a negative message about body…

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Love Is In The Hair


Ever had a glorious vision of you walking into an event with a shiny, perfect mane ? Well, this treatment will not only take off all the other hair spas out of your list, but will also give you the confidence to walk two inches taller every time you use it.

In this world where every second of every day, people are coming up with new, latest technologies – L’Oréal has introduced its Pro Fiber Range, especially for damaged hair. You may ask, how it’s any…

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Grotta Palazzese – Restaurant Inside A Cave

Is dining inside a cave on your bucket list? If so, on your next trip to Italy you must visit Grotta Palazzese, an enchanted cave restaurant in Italy facing the Adriatic Sea.

The seaside restaurant has the most unique dining experience. Located in the city of  “Polignano a Mare” in the southern part of the country.

Carved from the cliff face’s limestone the restaurant juts out 74 feet above sea level, allowing diners to watch the waves lap the shores just beneath them.

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Must-Have Fitness Items to Stay Fit

With the summer fast approaching, it’s time to shed all the extra kilos that you have gained and flaunt your toned physique. You don’t need heavy equipment or expensive gym memberships to get fit. Basic workout essentials at home can go a long way in helping you to achieve your fitness goals.

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Designer Babies

“Designer baby” refers to a baby whose genetic make up has been artificially selected, i.e. use of biotechnology to choose what type of baby you want.

Traits like Gender, Appearance, Intelligence, Disease, and Personality.  Changes embryos in such early stages of development that any changes will become hereditary and can be passed on to future generations. With a few mouse clicks and a credit card, you can order the beginnings of a specific type of baby. And as genetic technology improves, there will be many more ways for us to choose the kind of child we have. The question is, will we?

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Luxury Beauty Hacks – Bloom Like a Freesia


It’s the onset of Spring and all around us the new buds are blooming into magnificent flowers. This year, our team at ‘The Talk Studio’ has compared this beautiful natural process to our exterior bodies and vowed to make ourselves look just as radiant and gorgeous for our favourite season.

Here’s presenting our Spring Special, Luxury Beauty hack.

Like a Phoenix rises from its own Ashes, PRP Rejuvenation boosts the skin’s collagen by optimum use of  an individual’s body’s own platelets.


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