Flip Out & Trip – Airport Destinations


Can you feel it ? The crazy summer time madness all around you. Do you see it too ? All the rushing and the packing frenzy ! We know you’re all busy planning your holiday, so we here decided to add a little twist to your vacation. This is a list of destinations that are sure to add a buzz to your trip before you even take off or land somewhere. Here is our list of the super crazy ‘Airport Destinations’ that you could all head to…

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Honeymoon Hotspots!


Honeymoon is the most exciting part post-marriage. and every couple wants it to be as crazy as it can be.

It’s a time to steal away from the madness of the world and rest in the presence of the one who will share life with you. Honeymoon are meant to be unique, spectacular, restful, and romantic.

But aren’t you guys bored of hearing the same destinations for your honeymoon?

The Talk Studio has listed out some of the astonishing yet craziest destinations that will make you want to explore more or maybe just take off…

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Single Parent In Bollywood

Parenting is a delightful experience and at the same time, it is the most decisive role of you and your partner of how well you both are contributing to it to raise your children appropriately.

But when parenthood becomes a single affair, it gets challenging. But there are many single mom’s of Bollywood who have confidently taken up the responsibility of raising kids single-handedly.

For a single mother, just like any mother, the top precedence is raising her kids well. Children need the affection and support of their mothers more if they do not have a father figure in…

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Cool Things To Do In Delhi Summers

Summers here already and relief is not coming your way very soon. So says even the Met Department.

But summer is not to be scared of. In fact there’s so much to do in summer… summer reads, summer anthems, summer blockbuster… Plus, Dilli has lots of interesting activities around town. So, don’t get scared to get a tan; wake up the explorer in you and take your summer indulgence to a new level and fill your days with sunshine memories.

So, here are some cool activities that you can immerse yourself to beat the heat.

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The Battle That Ended an Empire

They say the sun never really set on the British Empire at its height.

The British Empire, during its height of glory stretched from New Zealand to Australia all the way up to Canada.

But it came with a price.

The price being waging numerous wars and battles throughout its long chequered history.

So, the National Army Museum in London, exploring more than 400 years of British Army history, wanted to know which is the most important battle ever fought ? A clash of arms that produced not only a winner and a loser but perhaps changed everything that came after.

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Cheers! Meet Drinky, The Drinking Robot.

Now you will never have to drink alone again.

So, it’s Wednesday and weekend’s a couple of days away. You wanted to have a few drinks. You call around to see who’s free, but everyone’s busy. So you end up drinking alone.

But an empty space at the table ain’t fun.

Fortunately, there’s a chance you might not ever have to again, if Robot Drinky, the alcohol-drinking robot has anything to say about it.

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Talk Walkie-Talkie Style With Roger App

Apps, apps, apps… these days there are apps for everything. Well, almost everything.

So, you should try this app. Why? Read on.

Roger is a voice-messaging tool to send an audio message. Yes, only audio.

And why only audio?

According to Ricardo Vice Santos, founder of Roger, sending voice messages is also more intimate than texting. Text messages seemed impersonal. Roger bridges the gap, allowing for messages that still convey real warmth.

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Superstions In India

India is a country that is rich in its History, Art , Culture and Tradition.

It is a land of religions, with diverse culture and languages, where religion keeps changing after every few kilometers.

In the same manner, we also come across a large number and different kinds of superstitions. They are in no way, related to any religion, yet they are directly or indirectly influenced by these factors.

Being an Indian, superstitions are myths that we grew up with, that have continuously or subconsciously over powered our mind in such a manner that we get carried away by them where our mind…

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