Baby Mooning – The New Prega Style!


The whole world and specially everyone belonging to the film industry is raving about ‘Baby Mooning’.

This term is commonly used for a vacation that is planned before a Couple’s Baby is born. This act is gaining popularity, thus making it a very common way of celebrating a Woman’s Pregnancy. These events are also acknowledged by terms like Baby Showers, Gender Reveal etc. Back home, In Hindu tradition, it is more  commonly referred to as ‘Goad Bharai’.

Anyhow, if you don’t have the energy or the time to plan a BabyMoon, You could always opt for a Pregnancy Announcement and share your news with your loved ones. 


Announcement Ideas – Events

Announcement Ideas – Spouse

Announcement Ideas – Friends

Announcement Ideas – Children

Announcement Ideas – Family

If you are expecting, or are planning to have a baby, then all the very best to you.
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Written By: Mallika Madan