Flip Out & Trip – Airport Destinations


Can you feel it ? The crazy summer time madness all around you. Do you see it too ? All the rushing and the packing frenzy ! We know you’re all busy planning your holiday, so we here decided to add a little twist to your vacation. This is a list of destinations that are sure to add a buzz to your trip before you even take off or land somewhere. Here is our list of the super crazy ‘Airport Destinations’ that you could all head to this year. While the cities do have their ‘X’ Factor, discovering the hidden treasures that their airports offer will be a totally different adventure!



King of Bling

The airport catering to one of the coolest cities of the world just got a makeover and it is breath taking. The LAX Airport is the sixth busiest airport in the world. This airport made it to our list of the top airport destinations around the world because it offers what is known as an IEMS. IEMS is short for Integrated Environmental Media System. The main purpose of this system is to create an unparalleled experience for each and every passenger passing through this airport. They manage to do this by putting up big screens all around that display trippy images from around the world. So whether you are already tripping or plan on tripping, these images are sure to give you a kick and boost your trip levels immensely.





The Supreme

Switzerland is known around the world as a destination for the rich and the superior. Its airport provides services that live up to its reputation. It has its very own chaplain service. One can go to this paradise on earth and indulge in every extravagance known to man. Once its all done, this airport very kindly provides a bonafide priest in whom you can confess your sins and wash them away. It really doesn’t get any better than this! First sin away to glory during your vacation and then just as easily get a chance to wash it away before heading home.





Party Animal

When one visits Ibiza, it is generally to party like there is no tomorrow. This place is literally the world’s party spot. Booze, Beach and Super sexy people – You get all that in abundance here ! However, if you haven’t made use of that layover to enter the city, you need not worry. The ‘Party Capital’ of the world obviously has an all day, all night party place within its airport. Also, what makes this different from the other airports is that this hangout is owned and run by none other than David Guetta himself. Trust us, travelling all that distance to visit Guetta’s- ‘Fuck Me, I’m Famous’ Lounge will definitely be worth it.





Just Tripping

Amsterdam. Enough said! This place is like the Disneyland for adults. Seemingly the most important thing on your to-do list before and after your vacation here should be to give your skin a chance to rejuvenate. Well, you’re in luck. The Dutch are a bunch of thoughtful and visionary people. This airport offers a fully equipped Oxygen Bar that allows you to take in at least fifteen minutes of flavoured oxygen each time. Try ‘The Back To Life Oxygen Bar’ here. If that’s not your thing, you can also visit their very own Riijkmuseum and soothe yourself. This airport is truly all about relaxing.





Dance To Your Tune

One of the busiest airports in the world genuinely came up with their best idea to allow one to relax and take time off from all the chaos. If you happen to visit this airport, do not miss out on Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. Once you get there, book yourself into their digital recording studio. Now compose and share your own music across the world.





Strip Down

The world is aware of the Finnish people and their love for Saunas. Well why should their airport be any different then. This airport houses the Finnair Premium Lounge which just so happens to have a 4400 sq ft Bath. Apart from the Sauna, it also offers refreshments and areas of silence. Just so you know, towels are optional. Got to go, I am already packing.

Written By

Mallika Madan