The ‘Mood’ Food – Healthy Junk


Food is the one basic necessity we cannot survive without. We belong to a time where techniques like Molecular Gastronomy have been introduced and food is available in more variations than we can think of. Thanks to this, indulging in Munchies should no longer be accompanied by a Guilt Trip. 

A lot of studies blame Junk Food for not being good for our bodies. Thus, we decided to come up with a list of some few eatables that you can binge on freely. Read More

10 Yoga Postures to Lose those Extra Kilos!

Yoga is a slow process but an effective one. It is a great way to lose weight if practiced regularly using the right form. Moreover you don’t have to waste thousands on that expensive gym membership it can be practiced from the comfort of your home.

One must try these postures with guidance to get that perfect summer body!

Lets look at some interesting Yoga Positions. (more…)

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Baby Mooning – The New Prega Style!


The whole world and specially everyone belonging to the film industry is raving about ‘Baby Mooning’.

This term is commonly used for a vacation that is planned before a Couple’s Baby is born. This act is gaining popularity, thus making it a very common way of celebrating a Woman’s Pregnancy. These events are also acknowledged by terms like Baby Showers, Gender Reveal etc. Back home, In Hindu tradition, it is more  commonly referred to as ‘Goad Bharai’.

Anyhow, if you don’t have the energy or the time to…

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Flip Out & Trip – Airport Destinations


Can you feel it ? The crazy summer time madness all around you. Do you see it too ? All the rushing and the packing frenzy ! We know you’re all busy planning your holiday, so we here decided to add a little twist to your vacation. This is a list of destinations that are sure to add a buzz to your trip before you even take off or land somewhere. Here is our list of the super crazy ‘Airport Destinations’ that you could all head to…

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