MS Dhoni launches SEVEN

They say that in India only two things sells – Bollywood and Cricket. And the love affair between them is eternal. So when Bollywood celebrities started launching their own line of  lifestyle brands, it was only a matter of time for the cricketers to do the same.

And boy, they followed their starry compatriots in earnest. A slew of  different brand launches by different cricketers. And our ‘captain cool’ MS Dhoni too decided to join the band wagon.

The Indian captain launched his active lifestyle brand called SEVEN with Rhiti Group, which will manufacture and market athletic leisurewear apparel and footwear.

Positioned as a “mass-premium” brand, it aims to inspire and appeal to the modern youth #changemakers – who are bold, confident go-getters, unafraid to go after what they want on their own terms and bring a healthier change in way of living. The brand aims to bring fitness to the reach of everyone, whether you are a professional sportsperson or a common man.



And why the name SEVEN ?

The number happens to be his jersey number and his birth date. Furthermore, the skipper was born in July, the seventh month of the year. And he considers the number as his lucky number. No wonder he has taken his fondness for a number to a different level altogether.

Dhoni’s other business venture include owning SportsFit World Pvt Ltd, which has plans to open 200 gyms across the country. Besides, Dhoni also has stakes in Hockey India League (HIL) franchise Ranchi Rays, Indian Super League (ISL) franchise Chennaiyin FC and Supersport World Championship team Mahi Racing Team India.

Do you think Dhoni will be the most successful cricketer turned businessman ever. Share with us your thoughts and comments below.

Written by: Shubho Deep Bhowmick