Superstions In India

India is a country that is rich in its History, Art , Culture and Tradition.

It is a land of religions, with diverse culture and languages, where religion keeps changing after every few kilometers.

In the same manner, we also come across a large number and different kinds of superstitions. They are in no way, related to any religion, yet they are directly or indirectly influenced by these factors.

Being an Indian, superstitions are myths that we grew up with, that have continuously or subconsciously over powered our mind in such a manner that we get carried away by them where our mind tends to follow it as a daily deed, without giving it any different behavior.

These norms take place in our day to day life where we face different situations regularly.

As a part of our daily chore, they don’t affect us, but for the people who observe us do feel a change in our behavior when we are being influenced by these factors that have come over generations from our forefathers..

Lets take a look at some of the belifes that we follow:

Sleeping with a scissor or a knife under your pillow avoids bad dreams
Are you also prone to getting bad dreams, that leads you waking up in the middle of the night?
Well, there is a simple solution to this mind bobbling problem. Just keep a knife or a pair of scissors under your pillow before you go to sleep, and this would prevent all the negative thoughts coming to your mind get a positive effect.
This is what India thinks, and the thought that Indians grew up with!

Don’t shake your legs
One of the common beliefs in india is that shaking your legs will bring Bad luck. Some do believe in this  theory as some only say that it only to maintain body heat by regulating the temperature.

Lets Bribe God
Bribing GOD is as common as taking a bath as both of these things happen almost everyday. Bribing God in India is more of a culture than that of a superstition. Not only in Hindu religion, but in other religions also, bribing God is a medium of getting your wishes fulfilled. It can be heard very commonly from the lips of a student praying to God that “Please pass us in the examinations and we will dedicate sweets worth a particular amount to you!” Sometimes fasting for a day or two is also a way of bribing God.
Black Cat Crossing Your Path
In Indian Mythology , Black Cat crossing your way is inviting bad luck to your work. People generally avoid taking the same route and instead wait for the bad omen to disappear. In ancient times, during night people used to travel through forests in bullock carts with a light of kerosene lantern. The carriage animals get past big cats like leopards, hyenas and jackals, foxes. These animals have glowing eyes and scare the cows, horses or the bulls that pull the carts. That is why the travelling party halts nearby and help the animals refresh themselves before they pull the carts for the long journey ahead without any stress. Travelers shared their hard experiences and told other travelers not to proceed travel while black cats crossing the roads and in the course of time changing, the cat crossings got live and the people forget forest cats and took the domestic cats instead.

Nazar-Battus like the Kaala Teeka , the Raaksha's face and the Lemon-Chillies can save you from buri nazar .
When you are going to perform some big work, like entering into a new house, or if you are praising the looks of a newly born child, you would notice his/her mother, taking a little eye liner out of their eye and putting it up on the neck or at the back of ear of that kid. This is called Nazar Utaarna, which is usually done to prevent anyone from putting a negative vibe over the small kid. The process is simple, which is done by putting a black coloured dot (bindi) on the kid or by tying a black coloured thread on the kid’s hand or leg. Another process of preventing people from putting a negative vibe over a newly bought property is by tying a combination of chilli and lemon into a thread and hanging it in front of that property.

Nail Phobia
Hindus believe that it's inauspicious to cut nails on Saturday because it angers planet Saturn (shani), which then brings bad luck.

Menstruating Women Are Considered Impure And Unclean
In India, menstruating women are considered impure and unclean. This, of course, gives rise to many superstitious beliefs. Women who are menstruating are not allowed to enter the kitchen. They are also supposed to stay away from temples, mosques and all religious spots in the house itself. A woman on her period is not allowed to perform regular household duties like cooking food. Some might argue that the reason behind this superstition is scientific, and that a woman menstruating loses a lot of blood and thus becomes weak and must refrain from strenuous activities. Others claim that there is nothing scientific in this belief and it is just another superstition created to subordinate the position of women in society.

There is no scientific explanations behind this tradition apart from having a feast. These beliefs are not here since forever but has been followed over generations.

These beliefs are strongly present in our society, and is practiced in most parts of India.

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Written By : Pooja Ahluwalia