Does Your Pet Have PetMonster

O.K. You finally confess that you are an avid pet lover. Many of us have different ways of treating and indulging our pets – buying them fancy dresses, treating them with foods of every available flavors, taking them for grooming and spa sessions, buying them toys and even attend pet social gatherings.

But have you given any thought about your pet house or do you even own one for your pet?

Time to switch to PETMONSTER, a futuristic cat and dog houses designed by Subinay Malhotra. PetMonster is a ‘smart’ pet house with incorporates lucid design, ergonomics, functionality and aesthetic characteristics in one comfortable environment for your furry friends.

And what makes PetMonster smart? It is equipped with motion sensors which pick up the movement of your pet, so you know if he’s sound asleep, restless, happy, calm, excited, sad or uncomfortable and then relays the information  into a smartphone app that allows you to keep track of your pet and inform you of your pets behavior. With antennae, atomic legs, vibrant colors, silly shapes and an overall funky retro aesthetic, they’re a playful, smart alternative to the commonly drab dog and cat houses out there.


One more excuse to indulge your pet in a different way…

Written by: Shubho Deep Bhowmick