Cheat Day For The Healthy One’s

Congratulations on your new healthy diet. You have cut carbs and you believe that everyone should know how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables, but we really wish you would stop talking about it all the time.

Food rules, the way to enter a man’s heart is through his stomach only, little rivals the pleasure of tearing into that mouth watering lasagna. Conversely, nothing murders the moment faster that watching some dude dismantle their own lasagna, peel off the melted cheese, blow off the ketchup explaining loudly to ll gathered that today he needs to go for the protein style diet since today is not his ” cheat day “.

Cheat days are often thought of as being strictly a mind-booster. Days and weeks of eating nothing but grilled chicken and vegetables can wear down even the most dedicated of individuals.

Its a fact we all want to stay fit and look our best, go out partying flaunting that little black channel dress and stealing the show.

We know exactly what methodologies to attempt to get us there. Cut carbs. Or booze. Maybe eat an entire ocean of fruits while working out exactly four trillion times a day, like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Join Yoga classes, Flywheel, or Pilates class so you can find spiritual oneness amid grunting socialite moms. Do whatever you want. Its time you stop talking about it.

Lately every third person believes, that a cheat day is socially acceptable to explain in great, as eventually one puts in its mouth digests sooner or later.


Perfectly smart men and women who previously discussed topics like music, movies, sports now discuss about their favorite salad and healthy drinks.

But the phrase ” Cheat Day ” is embarrassing, Respect Yourself!

The false-naughty transgression of enjoying food for precisely one 24-hour period is, well, pathetic.

While straddling the fine line between self-control and dietary freedom can be hard, following these rules will allow you to indulge without sliding backwards on your diet and exercise regimen:

Don’t cheat too frequently. Having a nightly binge on ice cream and donuts doesn’t necessarily qualify as a cheat meal so much as a bad habit. Although cheat meals can be beneficial, spread them out through a month.

Plan around special occasions. Weddings, birthdays and other celebrations are infamously difficult for those watching what they eat. The high levels of excitement are often matched by high-calorie food and drinks. For this reason,  individuals are advised to have planned cheat meals during special events.

If possible, cheat on a big training day.“If you’re going to cheat, go for it and go big. The only recommendation I make is that they do it on a big training day.

Don’t succumb to guilt. Once you slip up and overindulge, it’s easy to completely fall off the wagon. However, one little hiccup isn’t indicative of failure.

Do you have a set cheat day during the week? What are your favorite nutritional splurges? How do you limit yourself so you don’t over-indulge?Leave your comments in the box below!

Written by :Hina Mehra