Scissor Techie – A Guide To The Best Kitchen Tools !


Dinner is served. The scrumptious spread smells divine and is definitely a treat for the eyes. As all your guests are complimenting you on your fine culinary skills, you are lost in your own train of thought. You wish of having a perfect kitchen where cooking this succulent dinner would have been relatively easier.

Cooking is an Art, and like every art form it requires imagination along with precision. Luckily for us a lot of people researched on, and invented kitchen tools to make this hobby a little less tiring.

Today our team at ‘The Talk Studio’ has compiled a list of the best kitchen tools for you to purchase this year. Feel free to have a look.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer
This is the ideal tool for any Indian Household. This one tool alone allows you to whisk, blend, beat, whip, knead etc. It is not only essential for baking but also lets you knead your dough (For chapatis) in it. Plus this range is available in a variety of colours. It also comes with multiple beaters, bowl options and a power hub. It is definitely not easy on the pocket but is guaranteed to make your life easier.

You can buy it at : KitchenAid - Mixer
Perfect Bake
This is the 'It' tool for anyone who can bake and also for anyone who just can't. It also sort of guarantees perfectly baked goods each time. This tool takes care of all the hassles of baking like measuring, important steps, mixing, portioning etc. It can also help re-write your recipe according to your preferences. It is compatible with Apple and Android. All you need to do is download the application, buy the tool and start baking your delicious delights.

You can buy it at : Amazon - Perfect Bake
Tru Cook Thermo Spatula
This one is specially for meat lovers. This tool offers the most advanced temperature reading technology. This means you can cook your meat at the exact right temperature. So buy this and permanently say Goodbye to under cooked or over cooked meals. 

You can buy it at : Amazon - Tru Cook
Mr. Butler Italia Sodamaker
Do you crave for fizzy sodas all day long but are bored of the same taste every time. Well, Soda lovers you can squeal in delight now as this machine allows you to make your own soda. You can even choose your own mixes and make fresh soda each time. This one is actually compatible for the Indian Market as it uses no electricity or power back up and can turn out to be quite handy during power cuts.

You can buy it at : Amazon - Soda Maker
Nespresso Aeroccino 3 Plus Milk Frother
Have you ever tried milk froth and chocolate, isn't it mouthwatering? Get your own Milk Frother home and enjoy cold and hot delights all the time. It is easy to use and comes in stainless steel making it totally durable.

You can buy it at : Global Gadgets - Milk Frother
TAG 3 Kitchen Knives
Do you find it tedious to chop the vegetables one slice at a time? Well, fret not because this tool allows you to make multiple cuts at one time making your chopping work faster and easier.

You can buy it at : Amazon - Multiple Chopping Knife
Chopping Board by Doble
Chopping Boards can get very messy. You cut, you peel and then you have to collect the leftovers to clean and startover. This Chopping Board by Doble is a mess free board where there is an extension on which you can keep throwing your peels and work faster, chopping multiple different varieties at a time.

You can buy it at : Fab Furnish - Chopping Board

Here’s hoping this will make your culinary sessions more relaxing and enjoyable. If you enjoyed this article, do keep watching this space for more.

Whip Away Happily !

Written By : Mallika Madan