The Battle That Ended an Empire

They say the sun never really set on the British Empire at its height.

The British Empire, during its height of glory stretched from New Zealand to Australia all the way up to Canada.

But it came with a price.

The price being waging numerous wars and battles throughout its long chequered history.

So, the National Army Museum in London, exploring more than 400 years of British Army history, wanted to know which is the most important battle ever fought ? A clash of arms that produced not only a winner and a loser but perhaps changed everything that came after.

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Cheers! Meet Drinky, The Drinking Robot.

Now you will never have to drink alone again.

So, it’s Wednesday and weekend’s a couple of days away. You wanted to have a few drinks. You call around to see who’s free, but everyone’s busy. So you end up drinking alone.

But an empty space at the table ain’t fun.

Fortunately, there’s a chance you might not ever have to again, if Robot Drinky, the alcohol-drinking robot has anything to say about it.

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JAWS -Theme Sneakers by Sperry

Sperry, the boat shoe-brand whose footwear was worn by the cast of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic Jaws, decided to celebrate and pay homage to the legendary film in a unique way: launching six different Jaws-themed sneakers.

Having turned 40 last year, the shark story movie is considered to be one of the greatest thrillers of all time. The shoes were sported by members of the cast (notably Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss) in the 1975 thriller.

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Talk Walkie-Talkie Style With Roger App

Apps, apps, apps… these days there are apps for everything. Well, almost everything.

So, you should try this app. Why? Read on.

Roger is a voice-messaging tool to send an audio message. Yes, only audio.

And why only audio?

According to Ricardo Vice Santos, founder of Roger, sending voice messages is also more intimate than texting. Text messages seemed impersonal. Roger bridges the gap, allowing for messages that still convey real warmth.

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Feel Full & Filled


These past few weeks saw me testing L’Oréal Paris’s new ‘Revitalift Volume Filler’ Range. All I can now say is that I already look twenty years younger. People initially believed that I had suddenly transformed into a health freak and that that was the secret to my glowing, youthful appearance. So, when I finally did reveal my secret, they were speechless and already running to their nearest L’Oréal store.

Something about this Revitalift Filler Range made me want to test it out. Was it the…

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MS Dhoni launches SEVEN

They say that in India only two things sells – Bollywood and Cricket. And the love affair between them is eternal. So when Bollywood celebrities started launching their own line of  lifestyle brands, it was only a matter of time for the cricketers to do the same.

And boy, they followed their starry compatriots in earnest. A slew of  different brand launches by different cricketers. And our ‘captain cool’ MS Dhoni too decided to join the band wagon.

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Does Your Pet Have PetMonster

O.K. You finally confess that you are an avid pet lover. Many of us have different ways of treating and indulging our pets – buying them fancy dresses, treating them with foods of every available flavors, taking them for grooming and spa sessions, buying them toys and even attend pet social gatherings.

But have you given any thought about your pet house or do you even own one for your pet?

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Superstions In India

India is a country that is rich in its History, Art , Culture and Tradition.

It is a land of religions, with diverse culture and languages, where religion keeps changing after every few kilometers.

In the same manner, we also come across a large number and different kinds of superstitions. They are in no way, related to any religion, yet they are directly or indirectly influenced by these factors.

Being an Indian, superstitions are myths that we grew up with, that have continuously or subconsciously over powered our mind in such a manner that we get carried away by them where our mind…

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