We have always believed that their is some divine power that is holding us and some who are controlling our minds and actions. But have we ever wondered that what are these secret groups and how do they control us?

One such secret group is called The ‘Illuminati’ means ‘Enlightened’ in Latin. In modern times, the term refers to a conspiratorial organization that is said to master the current World Affairs.

The group was originally Secular or Non-Religious and were formed to dismiss Religious influence and order from the society. The group was outlawed in 1785, just nine years after its creation. because the catholic church & Bavarian government were worried that it would become too powerful.

Ironically, the Illuminati was formed just two months before signing of the Declaration of Independence of the U.S.A.

Was it a Coincidence?

It is said the Illuminati control many of the leading Banks, including the U.S Federal Bank & Swiss National Bank.Printing and distributing money at their will, the Illuminati can control the world finance’s.

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