Have you ever wondered that our politicians can also be Fashionable?

Today we are going to talk about none other than our very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He is not only famous for his speeches but also for his Charismatic Personality. He is one of the most influencial individual  in the world.

When it comes to making a style statement on  his much-talked about foreign visits, our PM’s penchant for wearing ‘Proper’ Clothes , mostly Linen and Khadi Kurtas in muted Colours paired with Sharply-Tailored Jackets , has always been Spot On.

Known to have been designed by Modi’s very own personal tailors, Ahmedabad-based Chauhan brothers Bipin and Jitendra, they seem to have hit the right chord. It has also been said that despite NaMo’s humble upbringing, his pet for wearing proper clothes has always been on point, and we couldn’t agree more.

The Talk Studio has compiled some of his fashionable outfits just for you!

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Today our team’s eye has caught a new Fashion Fad that might work for all the gorgeous females out there – barring their age, colour or size. For this Fad, one need not worry about its appeal, the reason being that the Fad’s essence lies in how well one can customize it to suit their needs. So let us talk more about the ‘Matching Nail Paint to Mobile Cover’ trend that is taking the Fashion Industry by storm.

Firstly though,  how does one describe a Fad exactly? It is nothing but a short lived, shared fascination for anything in the world. It spreads like fire over a certain time span only to be soon overtaken by a new Fad.These days terms like ‘Fad’ and ‘Trending’ have become a common part of our vocabulary. Trending is the classier synonym of the word Fad. These two terms are interchangeable.

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Sin City has a long history of dreamers and visionaries hoping to make their mark on the gambling capital.

Unlike gamblers who seeded its meteoric rise, Las Vegas has overcome all odds consistently for 70 years.

Once an outpost in the desert controlled by organized crime—Vegas was rumored to have removed truckloads of uncounted cash from casinos in the still of the night. Today, an acre of the four-mile-long Strip is worth $10 million.

Here are the entrepreneurs who helped to build the desert city into what it is today.

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“Designer baby” refers to a baby whose genetic make up has been artificially selected, i.e. use of biotechnology to choose what type of baby you want.

Traits like Gender, Appearance, Intelligence, Disease, and Personality.  Changes embryos in such early stages of development that any changes will become hereditary and can be passed on to future generations. With a few mouse clicks and a credit card, you can order the beginnings of a specific type of baby. And as genetic technology improves, there will be many more ways for us to choose the kind of child we have. The question is, will we?



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