Shiva’s Rangeen Potion – Holi’s Syndrome

It’s that time of the year when loud cries of “Holi Hai” are in the air and Bhang is flowing  as high as cloud nine. People are wearing  the colours of life on their sleeves and getting carefree – After all, Holi is the festival of colours.


The tradition of consuming Bhang on Holi is particularly prevalent in North India, where Holi itself is celebrated in a sterling manner. Bhang is a preparation of cannabis, traditionally used in food and drink. Using a mortar and pestle, the buds and leaves of the cannabis…

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Post-Holi Affordable Hacks


Once the Holi festival is over and we all have ended up resembling a bunch of happy, colourful aliens; the time comes where we desperately try every remedy in the house to bring our appearance back to normal. Here are some fix up remedies compiled by ‘The Talk Studio’ to try post your Holi celebrations.

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Pre-Holi Affordable Hacks


Holi is just around the corner and all of us are already preparing to immerse ourselves in the most widely celebrated festival of the year. Colour and Splash! – The best thing about March.

So this year let us let go and play Holi and also learn to protect our hair and skin.

 Our team at ‘The Talk Studio’ has compiled a list of affordable hacks that you can try at home Pre-Holi Celebrations.

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From Sexy To Schizophrenia

In my last blog I wrote about a disorder which is common but not many people were aware of it.

Through this blog today, I will talk about the journey of a Sexy Bollywood Diva who mesmerized the world with her looks and unfortunately ended up suffering from a disorder called “SCHIZOPHRENIA” that turned fatal for her.

PARVEEN BABI – the iconic Bollywood sensation from the 70’s and 80’s who has not only given us performances like ‘Raat Baaki, Baat Baaki’ and ‘Jawani Jaaneman’ to groove on to, but also many superhit films throughout her career. At…

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