Do you find yourself wishing that your mundane daily tasks could just somehow get easier or somehow be more fun ?  Through this article we would like to share some tips with you that will help save your time and energy and make monotonous things, fun!

Figuring out Dehydration : Feeling unwell but don’t know if it’s dehydration? There’s a simple hack to figure this one out. All you need to do is buy a bottle of Gatorade. If the drink tastes sweet, you’re dehydrated whereas if the drink tastes sour, you’re hydrated.
Space Management : Love to shop but are seriously short of space in your closet? You can always hang your belts, scarves or sunglasses on a hanger and hang them up. Utilize all that extra space to fit in your new clothes
Toothbrush Hygiene : Do you get grossed out when you find your toothbrush touching other toothbrushes? Well this couldn’t get better because all you need is a bunch of elastic rubber bands. Just wrap the bands around your toothbrush holder to create a grid on top. Now sit back and enjoy your clean, hygienic brush.
Wire Protector : How many times have you invested in a new phone charger just because the wire couldn’t make it for more than two months. While there still is no guarantee that the wire will last forever, you can however increase its durability by using an old spring from any pen and wrapping it around your wire. This will prevent it from bending or breaking.
Floss Cutter : How many times have we stopped to admire those perfectly cut and even cake slices at our corner cafes? Seems like the chef was blessed with attention and skills that most of us don’t seem to possess. What if someone told you that all you need is a clean new pack of dental floss to achieve the same results? Just cut a long string of floss and use that instead of a knife to slice your cake.
Colour Coded Keys : Have a bunch of keys but spend too much time figuring out which one’s which? Simple, just paint the top of your keys. After you are done colour coding, you can even write the purpose of the keys on with a permanent marker. Finish this up with a coat of enamel and voila –no more stressing.
Storm Prediction : In this age of global warming the weather is always unpredictable. So how can one predict a storm? This might help. If the stars are twinkling faster than normal, a storm might be picking up. Dash indoors.
Migraine Cure : Migraine can be a buzz kill. People take numerous medications to relieve their headaches. However there is a simple homemade remedy that might help. Squeeze a lemon (remove the seeds) in a tall glass of water. Add to these 2 measured teaspoons of salt. Stir well and drink up. It should cure your migraine in no time.
Travel Hack : Planning your annual vacation but have a ton of clothes and no space for it all in your suitcase? Most common worry for every traveler who likes to keep their clothes close. Instead of folding them, just roll them up. This will ensure more space in your suitcase and also a change of clothes every time you desire.
Baking Two Pies : You are in a hurry and want to cook two round pies at once but the oven is too small? Don’t fret. Cut each pie in half and place the halves on each side of the tray. Now you can relax and get ready while both your pies are baking.

Here’s hoping you all will try these hacks. Do share your experiences with us. Hope these tips benefit you. Keep watching this space for more hacks to simplify your life.


By: Mallika Madan

One of the common myths related to iPhoneography is that the it can’t be used for serious photography. While DSLR cameras are technically superior, it is the creative vision as well as capabilities of a photographer which plays an important role in deciding whether the picture will turn out to be good or not. As photographers we often get caught up buying the latest gadgets and gizmos thinking that it will help us capture better pictures, but what we miss out here is that it completely depends upon the photographer’s talent rather than on the technology. Your iPhone – just like any other camera – is a tool. And, it’s a tool that is capable of capturing breathtaking pictures. But with the right knowledge and the right technique you can capture unbelievable photos just with your iphone, and nobody would know!

Here’s a list of 8 best apps for iphone photography:

Polarr is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to concentrate on your photos,  not on the software that you use. All the tools are laid out in a sleek, user-friendly manner allowing you to adjust pictures with single touch and make pictures stunning, instantly. It has a basic easy-to-use interface, combined with in-depth tutorials, allowing you to navigate basic and advanced edits with ease.The adjustment tools include, colors, HSL, Details, Curves, Optics, and Tones.You can also edit specific parts of your photos with circular or gradient adjustments.Also, use any point in your editing history to create a custom filter, and then save it to use your custom-made filter on pictures later.
Animoto lets you showcase your work and create an unforgettable experience with every video slideshow. Video is the most powerful way to communicate what you care most deeply about -- whether that’s your catering business, your dog Fluffy, or penguin conservation in Antarctica. That’s why Animoto spends an inordinate amount of brainpower to build products that make it easy, fun, and cost-effective for anyone to create professional videos on a computer or mobile device. At the end of the day, its all about helping people share their stories with the world through video.

ProCamera is an iOS photo, video, and editing app created with state-of-the-art technology!It's fast, simple and vibrant.

Postagram turns your Iphone, Instagram, and Facebook photos into beautiful postcards and delivers it by mail only for 99 cents.
Percolator transforms your photos into dazzling mosaics.You can blend, grind and percolate your images until they’re brewed just the way you want them.

Old film photos often have a certain look that makes them stand out. One way to achieve that look is by cross processing, a development technique in which various film types and darkroom chemicals are combined to create unique looks.Cross Process lets you toggle which colors will be highlighted. The best results appear to come when you toggle one color on and leave the rest off.

Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms.
Creativity can be more than just adding a filter. Use picsart's full-featured photo editor and collage maker with hundreds of tools including effects, masks, frames, overlays, stickers, text and more. Use PicsArt to draw with layers, using a full toolbox of different brushes and features.Follow the artists and hashtags that you love, and discover content that inspires you.
Written By : Kusha Saini