Horn please to the Indian Trucker Art

In the dusty drawn-out highways, with miles and miles of seemingly endless stretches of roads, life can be draggy, often to the point of being miserably numb.

And then you come across trucks in the highways and suddenly driving becomes a colorful adventure, a visual delight for the eyes, a vantage point of expressions, a glimpse into culture, beliefs and personality.

Welcome to the world of Indian truck art.

They say art manifests life. And art on the trucks is an unusual medium for manifestation.

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Decoding Your Dreams

Dreams are a mystery.

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Interpreting dreams is very intriguing. However, very few people know that the first step to interpreting their dreams is to understand them. This is required because dreams can be messages to help you solve your everyday problems that may be persistent in your life.

Every human being has the tendency to dream. We might not be able to recall them but according to sleep researchers a normal human being has several dreams in each sleep cycle. These dreams are mostly in colour but they can…

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