This Summer ‘Chug it’.

In the busy Club Road of Punjabi Bagh, with neon signs clamoring for attention, it’s not easy for signage’s to stand out. Yet café Chug It was easy to be spotted. Located in the heart of Club Road, it promises a great lounging experiences  to win the heart and soul of the critical and nit-picking Delhiwalas.


The placid and vibrant ambience will caress you to strip off all your stress and enjoy the scrumptious dishes and yummy drinks in a relaxed environment. The bar at the centre made it sure that it had all the attention of its patrons. The terrace also provides for excellent outdoor sitting and smoking joint.

To begin with, the mocktails Oreo Frappe and Stairway to Heaven was a petite and delightful introduction and set the mood for a wild rendezvous with the cocktails. Parrots of the Caribbean and  Game of Thrones serenaded us to the core. Although Berry Fizz took out the fizz momentarily, beer cocktails like Summer Hoedown and Mexican Bulldog with their quintessential fusion of beer, fruit juices and spirits made it sure one can tango with them the whole summer. And make sure you spice everything up with the in-house Sheesha.


Chef truly has designed an amazing global fusion menu; his experience of working in continental dishes in Oberoi 360 gave him enough wisdom to create a peaceful harmony between continental and Punjabi dishes. Most of the items in the menu is a reflection of this perfect balance, be it Peri Peri Chicken Skewers, Mushroom Gulati, Dahi Ke Kebab, Mayo Palo, Chicken Penne Pasta and Chicken Quesadilla .

Experimentation screams loud in most of the items of the menu, and though it worked out well in most cases, Peshawari Chicken, Grilled Fish, BBQ chicken Pizza and Bhatti  ka Paneer failed to live up to  their hallowed antiquity.


Overall, the café has made sincere attempts to provide holistic lounging experience to its customers. While the servers were incredibly kind and courteous, a little more smartness in their approach wouldn’t hurt either. And also the mosquitoes in the terrace needs to be taken care of.

Written by: Shubho Deep Bhowmick