First Electric Smart Scooter ATHER 340

In our last blog about Kunal Kapoors Ketto.,We spoke about how The Talk Studio saw an exceptional Start-Up,and we promised to get back to you with our Surge’16 experience.

Today we are going to talk about an interesting Start-up,the “First Time Ever Smart Scooter ATHER s340”  that was showcased  this years Surge’16 conference,Bengaluru.


Ather Energy, is a startup by two IITians – Tarun Mehta and his batchmate Swapnil Jain who has launched India’s first electric smart scooter called S340. The S340 comes with a range of up to 60 kilometres in one single charge.

The company claims its Lithium Ion battery pack is IP67 rated and offers an uncompromised ride for 50,000 kms.  It will only kickoff via online-only sales model later this year.

**Yes! There will be no dealerships where you can buy the S340 from.This makes S340 India’s first two-wheeler to be sold via online sales model.

 “The future will be connected and inevitably electric and the Ather S340 has been built as a manifestation of this philosophy. It is an unapologetically electric vehicle, it has been designed and built mostly in-house with engineering precision,” said Tarun Mehta, CEO & Co-Founder.

ather 3

He further added, “The automobile industry is in the midst of a huge technological disruption. The technology of electric vehicle has advanced in leaps and bounds. It is the preferred choice because of its inherent efficiency that will shape urban commute and the smart cities of tomorrow.”

ather 2

All of us always wonder about how the battery life will be if it is electric smart scooter?

Well,they have a solution for it also:

Battery pack can be charged 80% in just 50 minutes via fast charging mode. You can also charge the Ather S340 via a 5A outlet from your house in normal mode. Ather claims that the battery life is good to last for 50,000 km

Some of the features that caught our eye,

  • It is a lightweight hybrid aluminium chassis, Ather S340 has a distinctive, yet sporty design.
  • It will easily manage to gel with existing lot of scooters on offer in India,And can keep a different appeal for itself. Thanks to a low centre of gravity, aluminium swing-arm, Ather S340 offers impressive riding dynamics.
  • It also has intuitive LED lights that respond to ambient light conditions.
  • It features a waterproof touchscreen dashboard which is integrated to cloud-based data, thereby offering a unique riding experience to the rider.
  • As a rider, you can sign-in via the dashboard, and the scooter will recognize who is the rider, and thus offer a personalized riding experience.
  • They have launched a Mobile App for s340 in which once you are connected, can change and configure user preferences and riding profile at the touch of a button on your smartphone.
  • You can also sync navigation routes remotely. The more kms you clock, the better the scooter starts understanding you.
  • Also, on offer are 200 mm disc brakes in the front and rear, 90/90/12 tyres, all LED headlight and taillight, large floorboard to accommodate luggage, and a comfortable seating position, for rider and pillion.


It has started its Pre-booking in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai starting Next quarter.


What more do you need in a Electric Scooter. This Futuristic vehicle will be a Boom in the market once its launched. Imagine how much the pollution will decrease and even Noise for that matter!

To sum up the entire Brand Experience,they handed us a Floppy Disc as a “MEMORABILIA” (Which is suppose to be kept as a memory) as in Nowdays we usually don’t use floppies.

It was surely a Memory to be Cherished!


(Do wait for our other Surge’16 conference Experience)

Stay tuned!!


Written By : Pooja Ahluwalia