Ayesha Singh – The New Age Artist

India Art Fair’16 was one of its kind
This year we experienced exceptional work that varied from digital media, different art forms, sculptures and installations. Delhi was mesmerized with the kind of work that was showcased this year. One of the most interesting art works were seen at the “EXHIBIT 320” that presented a body of work with emerging and mid-career contemporary artists from the subcontinent with a focus on India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
One of the artwork that really stood out was of Ayesha Singh her enthrallment with the postcolonial and minor architecture was really impressive.

Ayesha Singh - The New Age Artist at The India Art Fair 2016
'Exhibit 320'- The Torn Poster (left) & Before and After Weave (right)

Her work is inspired by a novelist Jill Stoner and her book “Toward A Minor Architecture” that brought her back to life.

The structure that galvanized her is located in New Delhi near Aurobindo Market which is a 12 feet tall map holder. The color and purpose behind the structure has been tarnished, yet it is illuminated by the trans-formative, physical evidence of its past and present.
Structure itself is a hybrid of Two Worlds:
• One that represents the systems of the time in which it was created;
• The other is where time evolves that very function and re-establishes its purpose with the changes made by its vicinity.
Her inclination towards the Mughal era and the minor use of architecture does not have any alternative space but rather the structure itself is an illustration of its own use of detailed art.

Her work is a series of these notions in which she attempts to explore more with different surroundings.

Ayesha Singh went to the Slade School of fine arts in 2013 and Chelsea College of arts and design in 2010.
Some of her work has been showcased in:
 Delhi Photo Festival,
 IGNCA; 20 FOR 20,
 The Portret Project; Home,
 Casa De Dona Gisele; Enter 13,
 Waterman’s Gallery ,London
 Gallery SKE; For Make Do
The purpose Of Art Is Washing the Dust of Our Souls and Here Ayesha Singh’s Artwork Is Not to Portray but to Evoke Responsiveness among Every Individual. Sometimes the Work of an Artist Speaks for Itself and This New Age Women’s Work Was an Epitome of Pure Perfection.


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Written by: Pooja Ahluwalia