The Canon Photo Marathon Delhi – 2015

The Canon Photo Marathon – 2015

Photography to me is about capturing a frame that has a story to tell.
Being a proud owner of Canon DSLR 400 D, is basic yet the best!
It was an immense pleasure to be a part of the live photo contest that took place in New Delhi on 26th September, 2015 at Jawaharlal Nehru Auditorium, Aurbindo Marg.

To know more about the Photo Marathon In India, visit the following link:

canon entry

Unlike last year, this year there was an enrollment fee of Rs. 500 per person.

I started my journey from home at 8 am, and reached the venue by 8.30 am. I noticed a lot of new enrollments taking place as well as all the other registered members standing in queue’s to get entry along with the merchandise ticket that redeemed to a Canon T-shirt.

Enrollment Form + ID Card + T-shirt Collection Coupon.
T-shirt Collection Counter
My Lens Already Captured the Winner (Abhishek Shankar) reading the Agenda. - Deja-vu
All participants waiting for the event to begin.Terms and Conditions Apply.
The event began at 9.30 where Canon introduced their new cameras 5DS and 5DSLR and also Mr. Kobayashi (CEO of Canon) addressed and welcomed us along with the Judge Panel – Mr. Akash Das, Mr. Ravi Dhingra and Ajay Sood.
Mr. Kobayashi (CEO of Canon) addressing all the participants.
With Mr. Kobayashi (CEO of Canon)
With The Judge panel - Mr. Ravi Dhingra (left), Mr. Ajay Sood (Center)

A brief introduction about our Live Photo Contest Judges:

Mr. Akash Das – An acclaimed advertising and fashion photographer who has excelled in Fine Art and Art Wildlife Photography. You can know more about his work at:

Mr. Ravi Dhingra – One of India’s most prolific Architectural and Interiors Photographers, who is also the Brand Ambassador for Canon India. You can know more about his work at:

Mr. Ajay Sood – He is an accomplished travel photographer and a travelogue writer. His sole objective is to make the destinations he covers desirable. You can visit his blog at:

We were asked to work on 2 themes, where we got 3 hours for each submission.

  • First Theme – Games (announced at 10am)
  • Second Theme – Thinking Green (announced at 2pm)

As a participant I went to Hangout Kids on 3rd Floor, Select City Walk Saket and to my luck I managed to get permission from Mrs. Shalini Vig (Owner and Founder) to get an interesting arcade shot at the play area.
To know more about Hangout, you can visit their website

For the second theme I explored the cosmetic stores at Khan Market and got my shot at Kama Ayurveda Store.
Get to know more about their brand at

My submission for both themes are as follows:

Theme One : Games
Location: Hangout Kids, Select City Walk Mall, Saket, New Delhi, India
Theme Two: Thinking Green
Location: Kama Ayurveda Store, Khan Market, New Delhi, India

After this exciting South Delhi tour, We attended a Workshop on Wildlife Photography by Mr. Shivang Mehta that started at 5pm. He is a formal journalist and PR professional, based out of Delhi, who trains young amateur photographers and hones their wildlife photography skills. He is currently the official brand ambassador of Canon India and proactively promotes the culture of photography in India. Apart from freelance photography projects, He is also the Managing Director of Nature Wanderers –
You can visit his website to find out more about him –

The next on Board was Adobe to introduce LightRoom and talk about Photoshop and soon after the finale began.
We all were asked to collect our participation certificates.

Finale! Announcement by Canon!
Ready... Get Set... GO!
All the Winners!
Kudos to all you Creative Minds!

Prizes for winner list were as follows:

1st Grand Prize Winner – An all Expense Paid Photo Clinic to Japan
2nd Price Winner – EOS 750D + EF-S18-55 IS STM kit
3rd Price Winner – Think Tank Precision Backpack
2 Theme Winners – PowerShot G7 X
5 Runners Up – IXUS 160

  • The First Prize Winner was Mr. Abhishek Shanker (can call him my team mate as we worked on both themes together).
And the Winner is revealed.
Grab on your tickets, you're all set to go to Japan.
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
Team Mates before, Winner later. Exploring India Gate together.
Mr. Abhishek Shanker with Canon Team
With The Grand Prize Winner Mr. Abhishek Shanker
  • The Second Prize Winner was Ms. Paridhi Khemkha
Announcement by Canon!
The Go-Getter, Get ready to Shoot!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
  • The Third Prize Winner was Mr. Rajesh Kumar
Announcement by Canon! 
Get set to explore, time to pack your bags!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
  • 1st Theme (Games) Winner was Mr. Debajit Bose and 2nd Theme Winner was Ms. Kirti.
Announcement by Canon!
You've got the Power!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
Announcement by Canon!
You've got the Power!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
  • The Five Runners up were Mr. Piyush Kumar, Mr. Bikash Bandhopadhyay, Mr. Dinesh Siva, Ms. Niyati Vaghela and Mr. Nishant Wankhade.
Announcement by Canon!
Running the race!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!
Winning Shots! Lights Camera Action!

Summing up the entire Photo Marathon experience, I would just like to say I experienced a bundle of creative minds at work, and took a handful of new friends back home.


A snapshot of memories with new friends and new beginnings!

Love: The Bak-Bak Team